Business Model
Vision - High-Tech Europe needs to adapt innovative American Laser & Photonics-Technology quickly, to be competitive and succeed long term. High-Tech USA needs Europe in order to expand and address new markets, now & rapidly.

Mission - To be the main European point of contact for a very few selected US High-Tech companies, in the field of Laser, Optics, Photonics and advanced Opto-Electronics. In depth understanding of European market needs, technology and customer requirements.

Value - Enable successful, direct access to Key Accounts in the German speaking market and beyond for selected clients. Supply local market intelligence and product / market research to identify best OEM opportunities. Local time zone with local language contact to enhance communication. More than 30 years of Laser history with long-term relationships in place as a competent partner in the field of Laser & Photonics.

  Getting to your point of contact in the oem-laser industrie...