Product Coverage
High Power Diode Laser Products. The following products are representative of nLight’s superior device capabilities and performance. nLight’s semiconductor diode lasers are designed and manufactured to meet custom high-performance and high-reliability requirements. Diode Laser Bare Bars, Single-Emitter Diode Laser Devices, Conduction-Cooled Diode Laser Bars (CS), Cascades™ Actively Cooled Diode Laser Bars, Cascades™ Vertical Stacked Diode Laser Arrays, Cascades™ Horizontal Stacked Diode Laser Arrays, Fiber Bundle Arrays™ (FBA) and HHL (high-heat-load) packages provide state-of-the-art power and brightness.
OEM-Laser Modules, covering the full wavelength range from 375 nm to 1064nm, maintaining full-time low-noise operation over all power and operating conditions, including changes associated with, ambient environment, operating current, laser aging and warm-up. This very compact devices are representing the ideal, and cost effective laser sources for demanding, state-of-art systems and industrial applications. Pavilion Integration Corp. is an innovator in robust light engine solutions, developed to meet the demanding needs of variety of instrumentation, metrology, inspection, graphics, display and other high performance OEM applications.

Digital Optics Corporation, is a global leader in micro-optics and integrated mirco-optic-subassembly design & manufacturing services for high-performance, small factor, cost effective optical solutions. Industry-leading capabilities include diffractive & refractive optics, integration of passive and / or active components at die & wafer levels. Solutions for aerospace / defense, consumer & medical devices, data storage, semiconductor equipment, sensors, vision systems and more.
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