Our corporate Philosophy is...
The Customer - always comes first. He places his trust in us and pays for our service. His satisfaction ensures our future.

The Employee - with a sense of involvement and the will to achieve are the best basis for our success. Each employee should have a chance to develop as an individual and be rewarded in line with his contribution to the company´s success.

The Service - we supply products and services of the highest quality in our laser and photonics business. Experienced management teams, an excellent performance history, and a solid financial foundation are best guaranty for our customers.

The Quality - of service is a crucial factor in achieving customer satisfaction. In order to ensure our success we need long-term customer relationships based on first class service.

The Product - Our goal is to supply top quality only in each of our business divisions. Each of our employees is required to play an active part in the continuous improvement of our products and services.
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